Two Men Arrested At A Guesthouse In Zambia For Having Sex 

Zambian police have arrested two men allegedly found having sex. The men, one aged 38 and the other 30 were discovered in a guesthouse in Kapiri, a town in Zambia’s central province commiting the act.

According to Police spokesperson, Diamond Likashi the two men are currently in police custody awaiting charge, adding that ‘we are still doing investigations so that we can easily prove when the case is taken to court’.

Dr Mannasseh Phiri, a sexual health activist however says Zambia needs to revisit the law on homosexuality saying, ‘there’s no law in Zambia that criminalises homosexuality. The law that’s there, which was left by our colonial masters who themselves have legalized same sex marriages, talks about carnal knowledge against the order of nature. We have had people accused of homosexuality but they have walked to freedom because it’s difficult to prove’.
Zambia currently frowns upon same-sex relationships and anyone found guilty of “carnal knowledge against the law of nature” can be jailed for up to 15 years.

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