Two New Jersey police officers under investigation

Two New Jersey police officers are under investigation after breaking a scuffle at Bridgewater Commons Mall.

A video is being circulated on social media, showing two teenagers engaging in a physical altercation. shortly after, the officers came, pinned the black teen to the ground and handcuffed him, leaving the white teen involved in the fight sitting on a couch.

The teenagers were first spotted having verbal argument. The situation quickly escalated to a physical fight, where both teens threw blows at one another. As the white teen slams the black teen onto the floor, officers run over to the scene, tossing the white teen onto the couch, and putting knee into the black teen’s back as he’s handcuffed.

 The video showed the woman officer  as she pushes the white teenager onto a nearby couch and motions for him to continue to be there.

The male officer pinned the Black teenager to the floor, sitting on him and handcuffing him, with the woman officer speedily kneeling on his back to hold him down on the ground.

Why do the always do that? He adult sitting on a teenager…it is looking like racism will never end amongst the white.

In the video, An eyewitness was heard saying “It’s trigger he is Black. Racially enthusiastic”. According to a report by, both teens were banned from the mall for three years, and the Bridgewater Police Department is currently investigating the incident.

The police department said in a statement on Facebook;

“We recognize that this video has made members of our community upset and are calling for an internal affairs investigation.

“We have requested that the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office assist us in this matter.”

The senior general manager of the mall, Troy Fischer,  told NJ Advance Media that police officers are not usually stationed at the mall, but the Bridgewater Police Department received a tip that a fight might breakout there on Saturday night. Subsequently, the police department dispatched officers to the scene prior to the incident.

Eboné, mother of the black kid identified as Kye told ABC 7 that she was grateful that her son is alright but asked that the two police officers be fired.

She said; “I had to observe it on mute. I nonetheless have not watched it and listened to the audio, I am infant-stepping my way into observing it, but it can be just crazy.

“It doesn’t consider two cops to keep a 14-year-outdated boy down who is not resisting, when the other boy is just heading free of charge and however heading off on my son. It just isn’t going to make feeling”

Is it safe to say that these cops are racist?

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