Uh Oh! It Seems Rob Kardashian Is Stepping Out On Blac Chyna… Has A New Fling With Meghan James

The king of the Kardashian clan, Rob, seems to have something going on with Meghan James of the reality show ‘Bad Girls Club’ as friends of the reality star says she has been supporting Rob Kardashian for 3 months now.
Is Blac Chyna finally tired of all his BS or this is just another ratings publicity stunt for their dratted Rob & Chyna show? We can never tell!
rob kardashian dating meghan james of bad girls club
According to People, Meghan James relationship with Rob has been confirmed by inner sources. Meghan James is smoking hot by the way, see her picture below.
meghan james rob kardashian
Hope this lasts for then… but then again, I highly doubt it

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