Usain Bolt Blows Smoke In His Fiancee’s Mouth And Kisses Her As They Party In London

Newly retired Usain Bolt spent Tuesday night balling with his fiancee, 26-year-old Kasi Bennet, at a club in London.
The night out saw Bolt kiss a blonde fan, splash £500 on a single tip and blow smoke in Kasi’s mouth after his last ever sprint race. He retired over the weekend and has since been going wild at night clubs. 

Kasi seemed unconcerned by the attention Bolt was getting from female revellers and even laughed it off when they arrived the venue. Though lots of women had their eyes on the Jamaican athlete, he only had eyes for Kasi.

Bolt shared a clip of him blowing cape smoke into Kasi’s mouth before kissing her inside the club. 

See photos:

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