Utah Police Department Not Being Consistent With Their Story About Officer Pulling Gun On 10-Year-Old Black Disabled Boy.

Karra Porter who is the attorney for the mother of the 10-year-old DJ Hrubes says the police department is not being consistent with their story about the police officer Daugherty pulling out his Gun on the 10 year old Disabled Black boy.

On June 6 a Woods Cross police officer Mike Daugherty was in pursuit of two suspects involved in a possible shooting when he encountered 10 year old disabled DJ Hrubes and without asking him any questions, the officer drew his weapon and pointed it at the little black boy. Jerri Hrubes came running just in time to protect her son.

On Monday at a news conference, Hrubes mother again called for an investigation into the incident in which she believes was racially motivated.

The Salt Lake attorney for the Hrubes family was also at the news conference with Jerri and said she has now heard four versions of the story from Woods Cross police.This just means that the Utah police department are not being consistent with their stories and she is hoping they settle on one soon.

Although police Chief Chad Soffe apologized to DJ and Jerri Hrubes.

“I’m not going to stand here and second-guess the actions of my officer. It’s a tough thing,” he said.

The Police Chief Officer Chad Soffe says he asked the Davis County Attorney’s Office to “review” the incident to be “totally transparent and to alleviate some of the concerns brought up by the media and other people in the public.

“We’re not investigating the actions. We’re reviewing them to see if there’s any changes we might be able to make in our policies,” he said.

However, Porter said she’s worried the information being given to Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings will be solely from the officer’s account. Porter hopes the county attorney works to get to the real truth of the situation.

“But if all they’re doing is saying here is the set of facts that we want you to assume because this is what our officer says now, obviously I have a real problem with that,” Porter told reporters at the press conference.

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