‘Venus Williams’ Mom Speaks On Crash: ‘She Just Has To Live With It’

Venus Williams’ mother says the tennis superstar is still reeling from the car crash that left 1 man dead — but says she’s able to cope because she’s a very strong person.
Oracene Price said, Venus is “very much” upset and affected by the June 9 crash in Palm Beach Gardens, FL — but her family, including Serena, is rallying around her.
When asked what advice she’s given Venus on how to deal with the situation, Price says: “It’s something that you kinda have to do internally yourself but you’ll never forget it. But it’ll always be there so you just have to live with it.”
As we previously reported, Venus’ car was T-boned by another vehicle in an intersection, killing a 78-year-old man. Venus has not been charged with a crime (and likely won’t be) but cops are still investigating.
The victim’s family has filed a civil suit against Venus — but Oracene says her daughter isn’t worried about it.
As for Serena, Oracene says she’s SUPER excited about the pregnancy and can’t wait to be a grandmother.
But don’t expect the baby to keep Serena off the court too long — Oracene says Serena is planning to return to pro tennis ASAP because “she likes to compete.”

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