Video Alert: Stephanie Otobo Holds Press Conference On Friday To Expose What Went Down Between Her And Apostle Suleman’s


Ms. Otobo and Mr. Suleman (popularly known as Apostle Suleman) have been engaged in accusations and counter-accusations this week with the lady insisting the pastor reneged on a marriage promise made last year.

Mr. Suleman denies the claims, insisting he never met the lady despite all the explicit photos that Ms. Otobo has released of them in a video-chat conversation. Her team is petitioning the police to go through bank records to show how he has sent her money directly from his account to hers.

Stephanie Otobo, also said she spent time with Mr. Suleman in Naples, New York, and Lagos.“Most of the times we spent together, we had sex,” Ms. Otobo told journalists.“I refused to have a party with him because I’m bit a lesbian and I don’t like women touching me.“He told me he did that with all his past girlfriends, that I was the only one (who refused), that it’s very rude that I can do that to him.” After Ms. Otobo had said she had more explicit photos of Mr. Suleman, including one he was holding his joystick,
a reporter asked her the size of Mr. Suleman’s manhood and to rate his performance in bed.“Is it big? Is it small?” the reporter elucidated, about the size. .“Well…it’s not very small, it’s an average size,” Ms. Otobo responded.“He’s very good (in bed), he likes to end it off on the back, on your back all the time, I don’t know why.
“And also, even while sleeping, he doesn’t wanna stop, he’s dozing off he goes ‘continue,’ I go ‘Daddy, you’re sleeping.’ He doesn’t wanna stop; he wants to keep going while sleeping.”

Watch video below:

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