Video: Miami Rapper ‘KimBRocsMics’ Calls Trina A Lesbian And Drug Addict

Trina and an aspiring rapper from Miami that goes by the name KimBRocsMics have been going at each other since yesterday.
Trina went off on Instagram live after KimBRocsMics said Trina wasn’t the only female rapper in Miami and that she’s played out.

KimBRocsMics is rumored to be part of the cast on the VH1 series, Love and Hip-hop: Miami. 
Trina says that KimBRocsMics has been “plotting to get on TV.”
Not only does Trina call the lady a “bum ass hoe” but she even mentions that KimBRocsMics has not been at any toy drive to give toys away to children in need.
After Trina dissed KimBRocsMics on Instagram live, she turned around and said that 

Trina was a lesbian and drug addict.

Watch video :

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