Video: Michelle Obama Surprises Ellen For 20th Anniversary Of Her Coming Out


Twenty years ago, Ellen DeGeneres’ sitcom character Ellen Morgan came out in “The Puppy Episode” of her show “Ellen.” DeGeneres also came out in real life. First Lady Michelle Obama was also a co-host on the show. Watch video below:


The comedian celebrated the anniversary throughout her show on Friday, which included an appearance by Oprah, who played her therapist in the iconic episode. There was also a secret cameo.


Ellen was apparently left in the dark and announced there was a surprise message. A video showing former First Lady Michelle Obama came on screen.

“Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of announcing to the world who you really are. Time and again you have shown us what love really means. You are brave. You are kind,” said Obama, before joking, “You are a terrible person to go shopping with,” referencing an episode of DeGeneres’s talk show where the pair went to CVS.

Obama continued, “And I absolutely adore you. Congratulations again. Love you much.”

“Wow. I love you, too, Michelle,” said Ellen, who was smiling throughout the message.

The sweet moment seemed absolutely sincere, right down to Mrs. Obama criticism of DeGeneres’s shopping techniques.

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