Video: ‘Please Tell Her To Give Me One More Chance’- Young Thug Begs After Cheating With His Fiancee’s Best friend 

Rapper Young Thug’s fiancees Jerrika Karlae took to her Snapchat account, earlier this week, to accuse him of cheating on her with her best friend and expose their raunchy chats to prove the allegation.

Jerrika who recently got a brand new Range Rover as her 24th birthday gift from him went through the rapper’s secret phone where she discovered explicit conversation between Thug and her best friend whose identity she kept out of the media.

On Thursday, the Atlanta rapper posted a clip of him begging his former fiancee to give him a second chance and promises to not mess around anymore. 

He says in the clip: 

“Babe, give me a chance, I promise I won’t mess up no more. Everybody tell her to give me one chance. Tell her to give me one more chance and I promise I won’t mess up ever again. I promise. “It wasn’t even my fault. Like, six n*ggas be using that phone, man. All that stuff, you tripping. You crazy.”

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