Video: “Respect My Tradition And Culture Before You Speak” American Nigerian Rapper Wale Blast Americans Criticizing Him For Spraying Daughter Cash On Her Birthday

American- Nigerian rapper, Wale has slammed those criticizing him for spraying dollars on his daughter, Oluwakemi, at her first birthday party last month.
After the rapper shared a video of him on Instagram showering his baby girl with cash at her birthday party on July 23rd, people likened it to “making it rain” at a strip club and criticized him for the gesture.

Responding to the criticizing, the MMG rapper said: “That’s just a little bit of that ignorance you get in this country [the US] sometimes, for other cultures. I’m used to it,” he told US entertainment site TMZ.
According to him, ‘You’ve just got to respect other people’s traditions on all levels before you speak on it. I’m proud of where I come from. That’s just what we do, that’s all I knew from when I was growing up.’
Watch interview:

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