Video: Watch Kornbluth A 28-Year-Old Male teacher Caught kissing A 10-Year-Old Boy On The Lips In Class

The video which was released on Tuesday and was used by police as evidence, shows Kornbluth in a classroom at Somerset Academy in Florida  with the boy, CBS12 reports.

The boy, whose image is blurred, could be seen approaching Kornbluth before they appeared to embrace quickly and then separated.

Kornbluth was arrested in February but pleaded guilty last week to a battery charge. He is now serving a year of probation. Kornbluth was caught out when another teacher became suspicious after he had requested certain male students to be in his class.

The 10-year-old victim’s sister had told police that she and her brother went to Kornbluth’s classroom to get gummy bears when he kissed both of them on the lips.

Kornbluth admitted to kissing the young boy but not his sister, according to his arrest report.

He is now serving a year of probation after pleading guilty to the battery charge.

Kornbluth’s attorney, Kristine Rosendahl, said her client did kiss the 10-year-old but claims it was the boy who initiated it.

She said the boy was with Kornbluth because he had babysat him in the past.

The attorney said Kornbluth isn’t currently teaching but plans to continue his career at a different school.

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