Video: “You Were Really Really Mean” Justin Bieber Confronts Photographer Who Spoke Rudely To Him 

Justin Bieber is now a born-again Christian and he seems to be living out his faith, including trying to resolve things with a photographer who slighted him.

The 23-year-old singer was driving to Malibu on Monday when he spotted a photographer who cussed him out some time ago, so he stopped to ask him his reason. The photographer is friends with another photographer who Bieber accidentally ran over on his way out of church last month. 

Bieber didn’t mince words as he told the man in the calmest way that he was hurt and upset by all the screaming and cussing. The photographer immediately became apologetic and explained that the wounded photographer was his friend and he was really emotional after he was hit. The singer went on to tell him that if he had really been worried about his friend, how come he wasn’t helping him when he lay wounded.

Eventually, the photographer apologized to Bieber and went on praising him and his music and explained that he’s always been a fan.

At the time of the accident which led to the photographer cussing Bieber out, rather than help their fallen colleague, the photographers went on taking photos of Justin Bieber’s reaction while hounding him with questions about why he hit the man.

At that point, Justin flipped out asking: “Are you guys worried about me or are you guys worried about this guy that’s on the ground. What are you guys doing?”

Watch video: 

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