Watch Video: Chris Brown Reveals That He & Rihanna Got Into A Fight Over Another Woman

Chris Brown finally reveals what happened the night he and Rihanna got into their infamous fight.

One day Rihanna and Chris Brown were in love and the next day it was world-wide news that Breezy had beat Rihanna up. That night in 2009, would forever haunt the two young stars.
Now, 8 years later, Brown reveals what happened the night of the fight and what led up to it.

In his documentary, Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life, Brown talks about his relationship with Rihanna and what he claims went down in the car the night of his infamous assault.
We were like 

“The perfect and bad combination. We were 16, 17-years-old and could do whatever we wanted. That’s dangerous”, 

Brown said.

Breezy said he and Rihanna we always physically violent towards each other, but were in love.
8 months into the relationship Chris told Rihanna he wanted to marry her, but he confessed that he had sex with a woman he’d previously denied having sex with.
When they first started dating Rihanna asked Chris if he’d ever slept with the woman, and Chris says he told Rihanna “No” because he didn’t want her telling his business.
The woman worked for him, so initially he told Rihanna that they never had a sexual relationship. But they actually did, prior to him being with Rihinna.
The night of the fight, the woman, came to their table at the Clive Davis party to say hello. Rihanna started crying, right there at the table.

Hours later it hit the news that the two had had a major fight.

According to Brown, the woman had texted Chris saying “You killed the Grammy’s, good job.”
Rihanna asked for Brown’s phone and saw the message. Ri-Ri did not believe the text was innocent and proceeded to hit Brown, according to Chris. He responded and hit her with a close fist and busted her lip. Then Rihanna spit in his face and the fight continued.

Rihanna then grabs his nuts as he was driving, he bites her.

Watch video:

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