Wendell Wilson: Man Fatally Shot His Daughter Six Times Over ‘Petty Argument’ About Baby Gate For Grandson

Wendell Wilson from Washington state has been charged with shooting and killing his daughter in front of her young son earlier this month amid a “petty argument” about installing a baby gate.

According to court documents obtained by BuzzFeed, 68-year-old Wendel Wilson is due to appear in court next week, charged with the murder of 38-year-old Lila Wilson, who he allegedly killed in front of her 14-month-old son who was “mere feet away,” according to court records.

The incident  occurred in the home the father and daughter shared in Renton, south of Seattle, on June 10. The prosecuting attorney says the father allegedly shot his daughter “six times, including twice to the head.”

Wendell Wilson told a 911 dispatcher, “I need social services for a baby because I just killed her mom, the baby’s mother.”He allegedly told the police at the scene he and his daughter “got into an argument about putting a gate up in the kitchen to block the baby because he is mobile.” He claimed that wouldn’t work, and they began arguing.

After Lila Wilson threatened to move out over the argument, she reportedly slammed the door on the suspect’s face, which authorities claim caused Wendell to locate his firearm. “I went and I got my gun and shot her,” he allegedly said, admitting that he did intend to kill her.

However, in later questioning, he expressed uncertainty as to whether he actually meant to kill his daughter, hurt her, or scare her. When asked why he pulled a gun on his daughter, Wilson allegedly replied it “comes down to a dominance thing,” adding that he didn’t want her to have the last word in the argument.

Although , Lila Wilson’s son wasn’t the only one to witness what happened. Wilson’s ex-wife and the victim’s adopted mother, told authorities that Wilson called her before the shooting and said, “I’m going to kill Lila,” and hung up. After the alleged shooting, she claims he called her back and said, “I shot her, I killed her.”

Wendell Wilson is being held in jail on $2 million bond and is expected to be arraigned on June 27.A memorial service is to be held for her on Saturday (June 22) at a local Thai restaurant.

Source: https://www.bet.com/news/national/2019/06/19/father-murders-daughter.html

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