Whatever Happened Between Lolo1 And Princess Comedian. Lolo1 Calls Her Rude

2016 is a year full of entertaining drama in the entertainment industry. I love it!!! I mean from Davido & Sophia Momodu to Olamide & Donjazzy to Ice Prince & Maima :D. Now we have Lolo 1 vs Princess Comedian. Let it rain, hehehe. Like Akah Nnani says, its good for tatafo business

So this blessed morning, Aunty Lolo1 decided to rant about Princess the comedian, about her being rude and disrespectful. She even hinted at Princess’ failed marriage. Ouch! What could Princess have done to deserve all that?

Wondering and hoping Princess would reply so at least I would have one extra blog post and some hits to my site, yes please, I said so, lol.

Read what she said below:


“Good morning guys! I have some things I’ve always wanted to get off my mind. I totally respect and have absolute faith in the growth of the “Stand Up” comedy industry in Nigeria. But I think Females in this industry have a whole lot of work to do. We’re strong, we are beautiful and we are talented but unfortunately some have allowed “pettiness” “rudeness ” and downright classlessness, override whatever form of talent they have. I’m usually not one to call people out, (especially my colleagues) but at this point, someone needs to talk to PRINCESS the ‘comedian’. Madam, what you do on stage is no longer comedy. You’re still acting after the audience have gone. Your attitude, downright rudeness and absolute ridiculousness on stage is an embarrassment to female comedians.” As a so called veteran, you of all people should know that when the joke is no longer funny, it’s time to exit the stage. if you know her, please tell her. Madam, abeg clear road. It’s either you work on your craft and fix whatever psychological and emotional issues you have, or leave the stage. Either way, stop embarrassing us”


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