On one hand, money gives more opportunities in life as well as stability (and a heightened chance in meeting your love given the option to travel is easier, assuming you mean the romantic kind of love). Plus it allows you to give a comfortable life for family (and other loved ones) especially when they end up in a condition that leaves them too frail to fend for themselves.

But if you mean choosing between having a lonely sad life with loads money or a life full of love without much money, I’d definitely choose love. By love I mean encompassing familial love, friendship and romantic. While I do know that if the money situation is so bad, it’ll be extremely difficult to live… I still cannot imagine wanting to live life in the 1st place without love.

Just think of a situation,

You have enough money in your pockets but you don’t have friends to chill with. Then you will not be happy by the money you have .

On the other hand if you have small amount of money and u have friends to chill with you feel special and most important there is happiness in your life , while most people are lagging of HAPPINESS with huge money.

Love is very much above the money.

Whether the love is in forms of your parents, friends or relatives.

There is something that you can’t buy with money and you know what that is nothing but




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