Who Killed 19 Year Old Kenneka Jenkins Martins After She Winds Up Dead In A Freezer After Partying With Her Friends?

This is the question on everyone lips after 19 year old Kenneka Jenkins body was found in a freezer last night by the Police. Fingers have been pointing to her friends who she was last seen with, although they said she left them and were looking for her. But they used Kenneka’s phone to call her mom.

People are saying her friends sold her for $200 to a man that they owe. Some of her friends have been handpicked by individuals playing detective on social media, but we won’t be able to post that here as nothing is sure as at now. The story is still unraveling. Watch this video I found on Youtube talking about the Kenneka Jenkins case with a video of her final moments

Was she truly set up for $200? Suicide or Homicide?

Some snapped comments from Facebook




RIP Kenneka Jenkins!

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