Wilanna Bibbs: TheOfficialAnn Tells Her Domestic Abuse Story With Justin Wright

An upcoming musician, TheOfficialAnn, took to Instagram and Twitter to chronicle her abuse and child custody story with alleged murderer, J Wright, who was accused of shooting his 20 year old girlfriend, Willanna Bibbs last year.

Wilanna Bibbs ex friend, OfficialAnn

Wilanna Bibbs was allegedly shot to death last year Mothers Day by her older boyfriend and musician, J Wright. He was charged for murder last year.

TheOfficialAnn, JWright’s ex-girlfriend and Wilanna Bibbs’ former friend, took to social media to share her side of the story, the domestic violence she suffered and also insinuated that Wilanna Bibbs started dating her baby daddy after she introduced them and she stood by and let J Wright abuse her.

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A lot of people have reacted to her story, with some people supporting her while Wilanna Bibbs friends and family are angry because of the way she portrayed Wilanna Bibbs. They are of the opinion that Wilanna shouldn’t be dragged because she is dead and also, both OfficialAnn and Wilanna were in a poly relationship with J Wright. There was no snatching

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It appears the case is still in court and Wilanna Bibbs’s family think OfficialAnn should be in detention also. However, OfficialAnn was able to win custody of her and J Wright’s daughter, Jayla, after a very long custody battle

It is a nasty story on all sides and it is very sad a young woman lost her life in the process because of a troubled abuser who loved controlling young girls.

Story will be updated as more come to light

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