Woman Raped by British man on flight

A woman has reported to the metropolitan police that she was allegedly raped on boardboard by a British man.

According to her report, the alleged British man raped the woman mid-flight during New Jersey to London United Airlines flight, a flight from the US to the UK.

This report has also led to the arrest of another passenger.

The woman who was in the business class cabin said she was sexually assaulted by the man while other passengers were sleeping on the flight from New York, New Jersey to Heathrow, London on January 31; even though they were seated in separate rows on the flight.

The case was immediately reported to cabin crew, who then called the police ahead of the plane’s landing.

The 40-year-old British man was led off the plane and arrested upon landing at the Heathrow Airport.

“Officers met the aircraft on arrival and arrested the 40-year-old British man on suspicion of rape” a Metropolitan Police spokesperson told 7NEWS.com.au

The British man was later released pending further investigations.

From a few investigations done, it was understood that both the woman and the British man were unknown to each other but had been seen talking and drinking together in the lounge area, according to The Sun

What do you think is going on? Guys what baffles me is how the woman was sexually assaulted and everyone on the plane was sleeping.

Let me know what your thought is on this one.

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