Women Who Ghosted Their Fiancees Explained Why They Did

We’ve all heard of ghosting, and most of us are probably guilty of doing it once or twice after a bad date. That being said, it’s commonly understood that straight-up disappearing on someone you’re in a legit relationship with is pretty bad form.

But ghosting your fiancé, a few months (or even weeks) before it’s time to take those steps down the aisle? Whoa. 

It sounds like the stuff of nightmares, but it happens. These six women all admit to dropping their fiancés without a word before the big day. Here’s why they did it. 

1. I Was Cheating 

“I decided to leave with no explanation or notice about a month before I was supposed to get married. I was involved with another person, someone I worked with, and I just couldn’t keep living a life in love with two people. I chose the person I wasn’t engaged to and never spoke to the person I was engaged to ever again. Eventually, someone told him my whereabouts, and I think he was just shocked by the whole thing.” —Vicky 

2. I Had A Chat With His Parents 

“About seven months before my wedding, my ex-fiancé’s parents took me out to dinner. They never liked me and never wanted their son to marry me. They told me all the reasons why I shouldn’t marry their son, basically telling me he was too good for me and really terrible things like that. I just left there in tears. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want to marry this guy anymore because I knew it would mean I was marrying his family. I never spoke to him again. I hope he found out what his parents said to me.”—Christine H., 29

3. I Felt Suffocated

Planning a wedding totally stressed me out. It wasn’t for me. My fiancé was absolutely no help at all. I was making all these decisions and spending all this money we didn’t have. I just had enough. I felt suffocated by the wedding and the idea of marriage. I bought a one-way ticket to stay with my family in Florida and I never came back. I ended it the minute I got on that plane and flew away from the whole thing.” —Pam B., 28

4. I Didn’t Want To Break His Heart

We had dated for only nine months before my ex proposed. I guess I was so excited by a person telling me how madly in love he was that I ignored the fact that I hardly knew who he was. Two months before our wedding, I just realized that I wasn’t ready for all of this. He clearly loved me more than I loved him and it wasn’t right for me to marry him. I didn’t want to break his heart, either. So I just disappeared. It wasn’t the right thing to do, but at the time I felt like it was the only thing I could do.” —Sandra D., 28

5. I Wasn’t Ready To Talk About It 

“I think the wedding was only three weeks away but I just kept getting cold feet. A friend of mine sat me down and said, ‘Don’t make a mistake and get married if you don’t truly want to.’ It made me realize I didn’t really want to. I wasn’t ready to admit that to the guy or to my family. I gave everyone the silent treatment for a week and made my friend tell my fiancé why I didn’t want to see him ever again.” —Simone L., 26

6.  It Just Seemed Easier 

“I wanted to call the wedding off for a while. I’d say for about two months after he proposed. I just wasn’t ready to be married. I felt too young and immature. I didn’t believe I was getting married to the right person, either. But I also didn’t know how to go about calling off a wedding and ditching a fiancé. Nobody teaches you that. Instead, I packed a suitcase and moved out of our shared apartment over night to live with friends for a while. It seemed easier to do that than to have a conversation about it. I figured he’d get the hint, and let me tell you, he did. He definitely did.” —Melanie D., 29

Credit: Jen Glantz 

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