You Season 3: All The Details, Spoilers & What Not & Theo Engler

So basically I started watching the Netflix series, You Season 3, for the first time early in the year when I saw loads of people talking about a certain Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn on Twitter. I wondered what it was about and decided to check it out.

You Season 3

Started with the first episode and the whole monologue Joe was having when Beck walked into his book store and I just couldn’t find the inspiration to continue lol, it wasn’t boring per se, it just didn’t catch on… or so I thought lol. I loved Joe (Penn Badgely) when he was in Gossip Girl as lonely boy Dan Humphrey, so yeah I have always been a fan, but stilllll

Anyways, decided to give it another try this month and I finished the whole 3 seasons in less than a week and started craving more.

Joe Goldberg, what the heck, has to be one of the most strangest TV characters, where you know he is inherently damaged and a little evil, but you keep praying for him to get his girl (You) and not get caught.

Spoilers Alert, if you have not watched season 3, please stop reading now

Season 2 ended with a big twist, Love was just as crazy, or even crazier than Joe it seemed. Apparently, Love has been killing for family since (I want to believe she also killed people for her first husband) before she met Joe and I truly expected that she and Joe will live happily together since they now know their true selves, how silly I was

You can my imagine my surprise and tiny anger when Joe started acting out like he was not a murderer himself lol, saying he was going to protect his child from Love.

You Season 3 started and Joe’s eyes started wandering again in search for the perfect You, with Love Quinn right behind him making sure she gets rid of anyone Joe becomes fixated upon, while Joe acted as the clean up guy.

Then did you guys, see Theo Engler, like the Theo Engler, lol, that guy is cute for days. I think I went back and rewatched all his parts with Love Quinn ( I hear they are dating in real life).

Love Quinn Theo Engler

So you can imagine the pain, when Love turned on him, how do you try to hurt someone who has shown you nothing but love. While some subreddits think Love was an hypocrite for messing with Theo, I will say that Joe pushed her with his non-chalant and non-caring attitude.

But yes, Love should have found someone older, I am totally glad Theo and his guy survived their neighbors madness at the end

Then we have Love’s mom, another lowkey psycopath, she basically poured the love for her dead son, Forty, on Love’s child and ended up endangering the baby.

All in all, I think You Season 3 was a great watch, lots of twists and turns, don’t let me get started on the swinger couple, Love dying at the end doesn’t seem quite right though, I hope she pulls a Candace and survives the attack.

Looking forward to Joe’s next fixation and hopefully nemesis in Season 4.

Who was your best character in You Season 3? We reviewed Fifty Shades of Grey, check it and let us know what you think.

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