Young Hero: 10 Year Old ‘Jacob O’Connor’ Who Saved His Brother From Drowning By Using Technique He Saw The Rock Use In A Movie

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock,  an actor and entertainer, took some time out to give a shout out to a 10 year old boy who was able to save his 2 year old brother’s life just by watching a scene in his movie, San Andreas. 

He wrote:
This story grabbed my heart. 10yr Jacob O’Connor found his little 2yr old brother, Dylan laying facedown in their pool. 

He pulled his little brother out and started CPR & chest compressions. He saved little Dylan’s life. Jacob said he learned how to do this by watching me in his favorite movie, SAN ANDREAS. 

I’m so amazed and impressed by this little 10yr old boy’s heroic actions and calm instincts in the middle of that kind of emergency distress. 

I now need to shake young Jacob’s hand…

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